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The price includes your advertisement to be translated into 3 different languages. English, German and Swedish (maximum 600 characters, and 6 photos). The text which you provide will be translated as it is into 3 different languages. (We can not be held responsible for any errors.)

Our advertising rates are fixed for a fixed period of time, regardless of whether your property has been successfully sold within the time frame. The price includes a telephone appointment assistance if you do not speak the language.We also provide an interpretation services to help you to make your deal as smooth as possible. We can assist you with correspondence, price agreements, contract preparation and the management of a credible transaction. The prices are indicative and the service is subject to individual agreement.

Prices do not include lawyer’s and notary’s fees. Real estate advertising can also be used by companies. We can assist your real estate brokerage with individual price listings.

Why choose Us?

Your property will be purchased directly from you by the foreign buyer. There are no hidden costs, if you agree directly with the buyer, there are no obligations. Free call back and advise.

We ensure our customers satisfaction with a tailor made concept. We can also help potential customers to book air fare, and hotel accommodation. Our prices includes VAT.

Join our team, and start to sell your property immediately